How much does it cost to build a web site?

A good analogy for building a web site is that it's like building a house. If you were to ask a contractor how much would it cost me to build a custom house, the contractor would probably have a bunch of questions for you. For example, what kind of house do you want? A rambler, colonial, detached, row house, split-level? That would be a high-level question.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, the contractor might then ask you what kind of layout did you have in mind? How many bedrooms? Where will the kitchen go, etc? Then, the contractor might get pretty specific, such as what kind of cabinets do you want in the kitchen, and what finishes do you want throughout the house... as you can see, this can get pretty complicated. Then, there might be some specialty features you'd like to request, such as a swimming pool, landscaping, etc. Those are all extras. Also, the type of materials used, and appliances installed can make a difference as well.

It follows that a good amount of planning should go into the project to ensure that you get exactly what you want, and that all the work can be completed within your desired timeframe. Then again, you could always go with the builder's generic offerings, such as preconfigured layouts, with predetermined materials and appliances. Or, you could do a combination of preconfigured with some customization.

It all boils down to what your constraints are... budgetary, timeframe, and subjective tastes. Lastly, once you make up your mind what you'd like to have built, you understand that it may not be possible to change your mind mid-way through the building process, for obvious reasons... Perhaps, changing the layout would require rewiring the plumbing and electricity, or maybe you run out of materials, or city permits would not allow the changes you wish to make, or maybe they would compromise the integrity of the construction, which would be unsafe, or maybe it would simply cost too much to make the changes you want.

The point is, that all of the factors that go into building a house are pretty similar when it comes to building a web site. The solution: coming up with a really good plan is a must. Finding a provider that will help you through the planning stages is crucial. Do not underestimate this stage of web design, because those who do usually wind up holding the shorter end of the stick.

What does it cost to improve my ranking on Google?

The cost of online marketing (much like the cost of a web site) is very specific to what your goals are, what industry you're in, the strength of your competitors, your current ranking ability, the size and online marketing proficiency of your in-house team, and a myriad other factors that come into play when pricing out a complex range of services. That's right... online marketing is not just one service.

There are a lot of different kinds of services that get grouped into a single category called online marketing, but they are actually separate services. For example, Pay Per Click (PPC) services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and the alphabet soup continues... Generally speaking, the cost of online marketing has some fixed one-time expenses (such as redoing your web site architecture, creating a new design layout, etc), but mostly, it's an ongoing process that involves keyword research (finding the best keywords that will get you the most sales), link building (promoting your web site throughout the Web), ongoing optimization of campaigns and your web site (, web design and programming, conversion tuning, and analysis of results. All this can easily several thousand dollars a month, and it goes up from there, depending on the size of your campaign and the competitiveness of your industry.

Before beginning any kind of online marketing campaign, it's important to evaluate the probability of getting good ROI on your campaign. It isn't truly possible to know 100% how successful a campaign could be prior to beginning it, but it's quite possible to get a pretty good idea simply by researching keywords, competitors, and running a few tests. Just remember, that the end goal is generating profits, so while any type of campaign (even PPC, which shows more immediate results) takes time to produce results, it's important to constantly evaluate ROI to ensure that gross sales don't get confused with net profits. Monitor your Cost Per Impression (CPI), Cost Per Click (CPC), and how many conversions you're actually getting for every dollar spent... then take all the conversions, and figure out how many are translating into actual sales, and then you can figure out your profits from there.

Should I Do Pay Per Click (PPC), or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Many people think that it's an "either-or" decision when it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing versus Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The truth is that SEO and PPC have a symbiotic relationship that you'd do well to recognize. PPC provides rather immediate results, and while it takes quite a while to really optimize a PPC campaign and figure out which keywords provide the best ROI, it's quite possible to not only learn a lot about your target keywords fairly quickly (which are duds, and which generate online sales), but also to run a profitable campaign.

The problem with PPC, and what causes most marketers to prefer SEO over PPC as a long-term strategy is that PPC will reach a point where profit margins will pretty much max out. No matter how much more you tweak your campaign, your profits will have a point of diminishing returns due to competition, click fraud, and the cost of clicks. This is where SEO comes in, because when you rank organically for your target keywords, you don't have to pay for clicks anymore (although you have to factor the cost of the online marketing, be it in-house or outsourced, to get your web site to the top and keep it there.

Plus, the amount of traffic that the top 3 organic search results produce as compared with the top 3 PPC results is around 7 times more traffic (for SEO). So, not only do you get more traffic with SEO, but it's also free traffic. The problem is, that SEO can take quite a number of months to show positive results. In fact, if you break even at the six month mark then you're doing amazingly well. At the end of the year if you've recouped your investment, then you've done well. So, all in all you can break even for the first year, and that's considered good. Then again, this could also take 2 years... it all depends on the factors we touched on earlier.

At any rate, the whole concept of SEO vs. PPC is pretty ludicrous, because they complement each other. PPC gives you quick real time results that help you figure out SEO strategy, as well as earning immediate profits that can be reinvested in SEO. At the same time, SEO helps PPC, because the better your SEO on your web site, the less you pay for PPC, because your quality scores in Adwords go up, and you pay less per click and get higher positions, which yields more traffic and sales. PPC also helps you finetune your landing pages so as to maximize your conversion rates.

So, all in all, it is our recommendation to do both simultaneously. They are mutually beneficial to one another, and if you conquer both spaces in your online marketing, then you have double the online real estate, which even if it doesn't make a huge difference for your profits, it keeps your competitors that much more OUT of the rankings, which means they struggle more than you, and you can more easily maintain your place on top of the search results pyramid. The conclusion... do it all, and do it exceptionally well.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes, we absolutely do provide free quotes. Simply contact us at your convenience, and we'll set a mutually convenient time to listen to your online marketing and web design needs, and see if we are able to help you. Once we have enough information to give you a quote, we put it together for you, and you can make a decision about whether or not you'd like to move forward. If you don't hire us, we don't take it personally. We're still very committed to helping you succeed. If you ever want our advice, or feel that you need some guidance, give us a call. We're always here to help if we can.

How long have you been in business?

We've been at it since 2002. It's been a long and arduous journey, but we're still standing, stronger than ever, and we're ready and willing to help you in whatever way we can to grow your business with the power of online marketing.